Our Kennel is located in Floda, about 40 kilometres from Gothenburg, Sweden

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I-litter is born 2021-09-28! We have 3 boys and 3 girls.

Updated pages: Upcoming, Phoenix, Buddha, Hope and the testresult pages for FGF5 and CMR1


H-litter is born 2021-07-12!! We have 3 boys (2 red and 1 brindle) an 2 girls (both brindle)

For those who have contacted us for this litter, please contact us again, and update your interest via e-mail, so we can keep the contact and make som planned meetings in a couple of weeks.

We also searching for a co-home for one of the females (köpeavtal med bibehållen avelsrätt).


We will have puppies in July! Diamant is confirmed pregnant with Bond. More information under "puppies"

Kennel Xlnt Stars has tested 8 dogs for CMR1

Phoenix (Fullhouse Bull’s Eye Catcher)

Buddha (Xlnt Stars Gentleman)

Frasse (Xlnt Stars Falcon’s Falchini)

Diamant (Xlnt Stars Diamant)

Freja (Xlnt Stars Falcon’s Fantini)

Hera (Xlnt Stars Genesis)

Kiwi (Bulldrome’s Easy To Be Xlnt)

Doris (Lovacc’s Lagertha For Strid)

All 8 dogs is CMR1 CLEAR

This also means that the other 2 offsprings to Kiwi and Frasse

Doris (Xlnt Stars Gilloria)

Eira (Xlnt Stars Godelia)

Is CMR1 CLEAR by parentage


Diamant (Xlnt Stars Diamant)


Doris (Lovacc’s Lagertha For Strid)




New Year - New Layout!!

Budda & Phoenix pages updated.




Buddha, Phoenix, Hera Doris, Diamant and Tosca

Instagram at frontpage


Quick update

FGF5 testresults 

G-litter got an own page


G-Litter was born

3 girls and 1 boy (and 1+1 angel)


Kiwi and Frasse is mated!





Because of personal things in life, we will take a break from breeding.

For the moment we don't know for how long, or when its time for new plans and litters, but one day we will be back to do what we love the most.

When time is right, we let you know, so keep your eyes opened here over and then.

Kindly regards




F-litter is born!!!!!!

2018-11-13 Rossie gave birth to 10 little miracles after AI with frozen semen from our beloved Falcon. 7 girls and 3 boys. Unfortunately 2 puppies, 1 boy and 1 girl, didn't make it. We now have 8 beautiful little stars in the puppy pen.

This litter is a big big dream come true for Xlnt Stars Kennel


Xlnt Stars kennel is having a rough time for the moment. Things have happened in our family so we have not had the energy and time  reply e-mails and requests. We are sorry for that and hope you understand.

F-litter is in plans and we are so much looking forward to publish about it, but decided we will wait a little more. If we will have puppies out of this combination, a dream becomes true! If you are interested in a puppy, we hope you can offer a good home but we also wish that you have the interest for show and maybe breeding.

Send us an E-mail at xlntstars@hotmail.com and tell us about you!

Those who sent emails without reply, please contact us again if interested.

Kindly regards



Update Escada-Page and also Result-Page of FGF5


E-litter-boys now  have their new loving homes waiting fort them!

Earthquake will live with the Gavling-Family and Evolution will live with Diesel from our A-litter and the Svensson-family <3

The Prinsess Escada will stay here at the kennel.

We have also decided that Zippo will not be a part of our breeding program because of several reasons. He has now also got a new lovely family where he will be 100% loved and live a happy life! Thank you Ann-Charlotte for taking care of this lovely little boy and will give him the life he deserves <3

Updates today: Catapult page, E-litter page, Diamant page, Escada page and Zippo page


E-litter was born 3/5 and after a quite traumatic experience for both us and mother Sambuca we now have 3 little miracles (1 girl and 2 boys) here in the puppy pen.

We have many sweet families interested for these puppies, unfortunately we can't make everyone happy this time, but we will take our time to decide the best for the puppies.

We also started the planning of our next litter, but we can't tell yet if we try that one in autumn or next spring.


Some small changes and now our homepage is also available in mobile version!


New FGF5 CLEAR - Xlnt Stars Bagrationi aka Max

Congrats Vibeke and Silje!


New "clear" dog under FGF5 results, Be My Keeper Buck. Congrats to owner Stine Grind!

We also have some exiting news in nearest future so keep your eyes opened ;)


New logo, made by Terese, from photo of our beloved Catapult.

See above!


Its been a while...

Catapult got the SEJW -17 title in Stockholm in December =)

We are so proud!

Hopefully E-litter will be here in a couple of months, but lets see what happens ;)

Soon we will go on a trip abroad too :)



E-litter will be delayed... X-ray showed NO PUPPIES :(

A lot of bad luck lately, makes us feel very sad at the kennel for the moment.

Sometimes life isn't fair...


We have had a hard time lately and 2017-09-28 we hade to say good bye to our little super-crazy, hyperactive and funny  girl Baileys.

We are devastated and just wanted to do a short update.

Hopefully E-litter is coming soon, we just keep our fingers crossed for pragnancy, and as soon as we know, we will update official and give more detailed information  about it.


6 out of 8 D-puppies has now left for their new homes!

We wish all the families and puppies good luck. We are always just a phone call away <3

Other exiting things is going on at the kennel, we hope to present new stars soon ;)


D-litter passed 7 weeks and the puppies will soon move to their new loving homes.

We already looking forward to our next litter, hopefully in a couple of months!

(Vi söker fodervärd till tikvalp, helst inom en radie om ca 10 mil från oss och gärna med ett intresse för utställning, men rätt hem är allra viktigast)


Some new pictures at D-litter


Catapult BOB in Köping and one more CAC!


D-litter grows nicely and we are very proud of all af them!

some more pictures under their page, Puppies - D-litter


D-litter is born!!!

5 females and 3 males

Brindle, Red and Fawn

We are so happy


Xray done today at day 54

Rossie has at least 8 puppies, could be more <3expected 2017-07-05

2017-06-11Catapult BOB in Vänersborg at age of just 10 months!! He also got his first CertificateBaileys was BOS at the same show and waiting for 2 years of age, and next certificate after will make her SE CH Happy happy!

2017-06-04Updated header =)

2017-06-02Wohooo, Xlnt Stars will growPREGNANCY CONFIRMED BY ULTRASOUND!!!for more information, check under Puppies and Upcoming.

2017-06-01Updated pages:Catapult, Puppies and Upcoming

2017-05-30We hope for some exiting news soon ;) We are still looking for some nice homes and co-homes for upcoming litters and imports. You should offer a great loving home, and maybe have interest for shows, or let us bring the dog for shows sometimes. We would prefer if our co-owned dogs lives closer than 300 km from the kennel, but the best home is always the most important.  If you are interested please contact us for more information.xlntstars@hotmail.com

2017-05-15Baileys was BOB at Lidköping dogshow 2017-05-06!! Rossie page is updated with ad and info.Future is always close, stay strong!

2017-04-28Sambuca´s X-ray turned our happiness and joy, into a dizzy nightmare.. she lost all the puppies... there is no one left... we are devastated and for the moment we don't even find words.. this was a really big dream come true, and the small ticking hearts at ultrasound made us so so happy.. Tears are falling....

2017-04-10PREGNANCY CONFIRMED!!!We will have puppies in May 2017!!For more information, check under Puppies-Upcomingwe are over the moon <3

2017-03-06UPDATEBriska - Lemabull Im an Xlnt Choice is ED FREE wohoo!!Also some news in Puppies-Upcoming ;)



Check out the new page on our website!!


personalised dog collars for you!


Xlnt Stars Kennel is looking for some Co-Owners

Both Males and Females (from our breeding and imports)

Showhomes is preferred, or homes within 100km from the Kennel, and a possibility for us to bring the dog for show

If you are interested and offer a good home, send an email to



Xlnt Stars Kennel söker fodervärdar och/eller delägare

Både för Hanar och Tikar (både egen uppfödning och import)

Utställningsintresse prioriteras, alternativt hem iom en radie på 10 mil härifrån, samt då möjlighet för oss att låna med hunden på utställning

Vid seriöst intresse och väl insatt i vad avtalen innebär

kontakta oss via email för en första kontakt.




Did some update on FGF5 list with more clears and carriers.

Also a few changes under "puppies" and "upcoming"

We plan for our upcoming litters for the moment so keep your eyes opened ;)




Xlnt Stars Kennel is totally heartbroken!!

We´ve lost our amazing and beloved boy Falcon  :´(

For the moment we have no words at all.. everything will just pause for a while.. we have to try keep on living, even though we almost don't know how to breath without him...

2016-11-21 we refused to say goodbye.. we just said, UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN...




Puppies grow so fast.. C-litter is already 5 weeks old. They eat food (fresh) and have started to check the garden out. Want to keep them all at home  ;)

C-litters FGF5 DNA-testresults are here.

You find it under the resultpage.

Xlnt Stars Bellavista got new titles and she is now LT JCH and LV JCH!

We are more than proud of this lovely crazy girl <3



C-litter is born!!

Xlnt Stars C-litter is born 2016-08-02

They came 1 week earlier than expected, at day 56!

9 boys and 4 girls

One little boy was to small and premature to make it, so we only had the chance to give him love for couple of hours :(

The other 8 boys and 4 females, are strong little ones so far.

Mother Tequila is a perfect mother taking really good care of them all, like thats what she have done forever,  and we are so proud of her.




Friday 2016-07-08 we did ultrasound at Tequila! We did also send it live at Facebook, where the movie can be found at Terese Profile =)

The vet did just tell us

"oh my, there is a lot of them and I don't even try to count them."

"It´s not usual to get that many in one picture"

so now lets wait and see.

We are sooo over the moon about it, our sweet Tequila and our lovely Falcon are suppose to be parents in august!! Happiness!!



Tequila is mated with Falcon!

Hopefully our C-litter will be born in August 2016



We are aware that our kennel name and homepage has been mentioned in a Finnish Bullmastiff group on Facebook. The woman who started the discussion there has informed us herself, and we´re OK with it.

Some short information:

We decided to start the DNA testing of our dogs (longhair gene) and take our responsibility for our own dogs immediately, after we got the information about a litter with longhaired bullmastiffs in Sweden born 2015

That litter is closely related to our beloved Falcon, who was the first tested dog at our kennel. He turned out to be a carrier of the FGF5 gene.

Our import Perla has also a common dog with Falcon and the litter with longhaired puppies, in her pedigree. She is also tested  as a carrier of the gene. Perla will not be used for breeding because of hips and elbows, and it has nothing to do with the longhaired gene.

We have also tested all our other dogs, thoose here at home and thoose at co homes, and they were all clear from the longhaired gene.

Very important to know about the FGF5 gene is that dogs who are carriers or even longhaired, are not sick, or have any decease related to this gene.

The only reason we want to find out about our dogs, is to know what we breed. We can use a carrier for breeding, but will only to a clear partner. This could never give longhaired puppies, but could give more carriers.Thats why we also decided that we will always test the whole litters in future when coming from a clear-carrier combination.

We think this information is important both for us and a buyer who wants to breed in the future, everyone makes their own choice but you should always know all the facts and if we choose to include carriers in our breeding program we will take the responsibility and be beware of whats next.

2 clear parents, gives only clear puppies

1 carrier and 1 clear parent, could give clear and carrier puppies

2 carriers could give clear, carriers and affected (longhaired) puppies

thats why we won't ever use 2 carriers.

also check out this beautiful and well worked picture by Milla Strandheim (biggest thanks dear) about how the genes is inherited (in percent)

Xlnt Stars Kennel decided to take OUR responsibility for OUR breeding. It doesn't mean that we judge anyone else for what they do.

we want to avoid longhaired bullmastiff in our litters. With this test we can.

We will make a seperate information-page about the FGF5 gene here on our website later. That has been in our thoughts already but we've been to busy for the moment.

We have been thinking about it for a long time but now, because of the information on Facebook, we felt it was necassary to speed up the process and get some information out there.


Hope this makes things clear for those who wonders. Everyone is of course welcome to contact us with any further questions.


Best Regards

Xlnt Stars Kennel



XLNT STARS planerar C-kullen!!

Valpar beräknas till sommaren 2016



Tequila (Xlnt Stars Amarone) och Sambuca (Bulldrome´s Beauty of Xlnt Stars) undersökte hjärta och öga idag. Båda tjejerna Utan Anmärkning *jihooo*



Utöver alla svenska utställningar har Falcon också briljerat i utlandet senaste året!

Fler championat är tagna och nu börjar tilläggen till hans namn att bli många =)


Han blev också årets bullmastiff i sverige 2015


Falcon vann i stora stockholm igen!

BIR och Nordisk Vinnare 2015


Sundsvall utställning: Perla BIR och BIG 4!! Falcon BIM!


Eslöv Utställning: Falcon BIR och BIG 4!


Vår dag i Backamo, Falcon BIR Perla BIM, och Perla fick således också sitt  första CERT


Falcon blev BIR och BIG 3 i Ransäter!


B-kullen föddes på midsommarafton 2015! 5 hanar och 3 tikar!



Kammade hem titeln SE JV -15 i Kistamässan!!

Detta på hennes allra första officiella show =)


A-kullen kom till världen! 8 hanar och 4 tikar!


Han klev in på älvsjömässan i Stockholm och kammade hem Svensk juniorvinnare -13!!! Inte heller var den titeln tillräcklig för denna då 15 månader unga kille, utan trots att mattes glädjetårar smetat ut sminket kliver vi in igen och kammar rubbet!! Svensk Vinnare -13 och BIR i stora stockholm!! Jag är mållös men sååå otroligt glad och stolt och kan leva på detta i all evighet ;)


Dooleys fick sitt första CERT i Vänersborg!

Bästa tik med CK, CERT och BIM!!

BIR: Game Keeper´s Voodo BIM: Dragon Spirit Breaks Trough


Våran fantastiska Chivas, lämnade oss mkt hastigt, efter han drabbats av Malingt Lymfom.. Den tomheten som är här nu, kan aldrig fyllas igen.. Det gör så ont.. men du slapp lida min vän.. vi ses igen...