F-litter is born!!!!!!

2018-11-13 Rossie gave birth to 10 little miracles after AI with frozen semen from our beloved Falcon. 7 girls and 3 boys. Unfortunately 2 puppies, 1 boy and 1 girl, didn't make it. We now have 8 beautiful little stars in the puppy pen.

This litter is a big big dream come true for Xlnt Stars Kennel


All the puppies moved to their new loving homes!





If you're interested in a puppy from any of our litters, please send us an email for the first contact, and tell us shortly about you.








If you are interested in this litter or our upcoming litters,

or for further information

feel free to contact us

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Xlnt Stars Kennel is looking for some Co-Owners

Both Males and Females (from our breeding and imports)

Showhomes is preferred, or homes within 100km from the Kennel, and a possibility for us to bring the dog for show

If you are interested and offer a good home, send an email to



Xlnt Stars Kennel söker fodervärdar och/eller delägare

Både för Hanar och Tikar (både egen uppfödning och import)

Utställningsintresse prioriteras, alternativt hem iom en radie på 10 mil härifrån, samt då möjlighet för oss att låna med hunden på utställning


vid seriöst intresse och väl insatt i vad avtalen innebär

kontakta oss via email för en första kontakt.