Testresults FGF5

Dogs DNA Tested for the FGF5 gene


If you have tested your dog and want us to publish your results here, please send us an email to xlntstars@hotmail.com with a copy of the certifikate.




We know there is more clears and carriers than is named below, but we can't publish those names without permission.






Be My Keeper Buck SE15494/2016

Bulldrome´s Beauty of Xlnt Stars SE51051/2014

Bulldrome´s Bites The Dust FI45772/14

Bullcastles Dark Angel FI31610/12


Galia The Dobble Delight SE49212/2015


Golden Uelsi Magiya Of Love SE55526/2014


Lemabull Catching Gold At Bulldromes FI13544/17

Lemabull Im an Xlnt Choice SE53256/2016

Lirus Asteria SE51249/2012

Lirus Bejla SE12628/2016


Remarkabull For Godness Sake FI16114/16


Safety Of Flatland Cleopatra SE30072/2015


Saradim´s Birgitte the brave heart NO44337/14


Xlnt Stars Altea SE29854/2014

Xlnt Stars Amarone SE29855/2014

Xlnt Stars Bagrationi SE38734/2015

Xlnt Stars Bellavista SE38737/2015

Xlnt Stars Bendis SE38738/2015

Xlnt Stars Calera SE47383/2016

Xlnt Stars Cantador SE47391/2016

Xlnt Stars Caruso SE47388/2016

Xlnt Stars Charme SE47382/2016

Xlnt Stars Conceito SE47392/2016

Xlnt Stars Earthquake SE31764/2018

Xlnt Stars Escada SE31762/2018

Xlnt Stars Evolution SE31763/2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Franciorta SE57413/2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Frestia SE57410/2018






Alope Honey Dynasty SE16195/2015


Frallebullens Halloumi SE36081/2015

Frallebullens Serrano SE25714/2016


Friisengården´s Jewels And Diamonds Se50212/2012


Librrani´s I of the Tiger FI13354/14


Lirus Adonis SE51251/2012


Xlnt Stars Campione SE47387/2016

Xlnt Stars Canaletto SE47393/2016

Xlnt Stars Carandelle SE47384/2016

Xlnt Stars Carema SE47385/2016

Xlnt Stars Catapult SE47386/2016

Xlnt Stars Cavaliere SE47389/2016

Xlnt Stars Colombis SE47390/2016

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Falchini SE57406/2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Fanagoria SE57412/2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Fantini SE57408/2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Farina SE57411/2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Ferrari SE57407!2018

Xlnt Stars Falcon´s Franconia SE57409/2018